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Dr Daphne Lyell is a Homeopath and Integrative Medical Doctor (GP) practicing in Gardens, Cape Town.

She embraces her knowledge from both mainstream and alternative medicine to support her client’s needs.

Dr Lyell has a special interest in women’s health. From teenage years and into womanhood, she provides support to female patients who suffer from hormonal imbalances, menstrual irregularities and infertility.

For her pregnant patients, she works alongside midwives and educates her patients around healthy birth choices.

With newborns/young babies, Dr Lyell performs six week well-baby check-ups and provide much needed support and guidance to new parents during these initial phases. This often includes nutritional advice (such as when and how to start with solid food), how to build a strong immune system and how to protect and enhance their child’s gut health.

Nutrition and gut health is another keen focus of her practice. Dr Lyell works with the microbiome in mind, and considers how it’s impacted by the patient’s diet, medication, stress and emotional state. She is fascinated by the microbiome’s relationship with the organ systems and the role this plays on our physical and mental health, on an immediate and long term basis.

Dr Lyell believes that health is the natural result of finding the balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres.

In her practice she places focus on the individual; and tailors her treatment by taking into account the individual’s condition, timeline, context, emotional/mental health, as well as family and work environment.

“I am passionate about teaching my clients about creating health and the impact of their choices. Small daily actions can go a long way to building healthy, resilient human beings.”


“Let food be your medicine;

Let your kitchen be your pharmacy and

Your lifestyle your physician.”