Hannah obtained her degree in Nutritional Therapy through the British College of Nutrition and Health and Greenwich University in London. She is a Professional Member of the South African Association for Nutritional Therapy (SAANT).  She sits on the Panel of Experts for Natural Medicine and is on the Advisory Board for Living and Loving.

Hannah’s emphasis in clinical practice is on functional medicine – she promotes wellness by focusing on the fundamental underlying imbalances implicated in the client’s disease or condition. Factors considered include environmental inputs, mind-body elements and genetic makeup.

She is a registered Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) clinician. Her clinical work focuses primarily on neurological health (specifically depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD and Autism) as well as autoimmune disorders. Dietary manipulation or restriction, as well as therapeutic supplementation, are critical elements of her intervention programs.

Visit Hannah Kaye’s website:  http://hannahkaye.co.za/