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INTEGRAL MINDSET COACH, PILATES & NIA INSTRUCTOR. Founder of Think Silver. Mindset Coach and Behavioral Specialist (Relational & Success coach) Jeanne van der Merwe, has over 20 years of experience working with the Body.

My vision is to offer you a space that supports you in rebalancing, revitalizing and perhaps that safe space to explore your depths…be it through movement or mind…or both – the magic often happens when we combine the two. With enriching workshops, I hope to offer you continuous opportunities to grow in experience and awareness.

Alongside our movement classes, we offer Thai Massage and Integral Mindset coaching.




Marissa is a PILATES INSTRUCTOR. She has an extensive background in Modern, Contemporary, and African Dance styles, with a BA in Dance from the University of Cape Town.

“I love to challenge the body and encourage the mind, that we may become the most empowered versions of ourselves.

Every individual has their own unique journey to take towards reaching their fullest wellness and fitness potential, and I look forward to taking this transformative journey with you.”



Conrad is a PILATES INSTRUCTOR. He started practicing Pilates in 2011, after struggling with lower back and shoulder pain. This was not only the beginning of recovery but also the start of a passion that led him to become an instructor in 2016, completing SA Pilates Academy’s Beginner and Intermediate Mat Course with Katya Kinski.

Since then teaching and learning Pilates has become a daily fixture in his life. Conrad’s goal is to help each of his clients find joy in their own body through movement, seeing improvement in fitness and restoring the mind-body connection. He is also a music teacher, composer, and musician.

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