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Chiropractic is a health profession focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these conditions on the nervous system and general health. There is a strong focus on treatments done by hand, especially chiropractic spinal adjustments, as the Greek root words of the name suggest.

Chiropractors refer patients whose conditions are not of a biomechanical nature for relevant health care and work in close association with the patient’s health care providers.

Chiropractors use a combination of treatments based on the patient’s unique condition. Manual treatments include spinal adjusting techniques – a quick, controlled, gentle manoeuvre to move a joint through a small range of movement. Adjustments have been found to reduce pain by reducing nerve stimulation from the joint, relaxing the small muscles around the joint, release of trapped or shortened connective tissues and relief from nerve compression. These techniques are what gives the chiropractic profession its unique character, and are especially helpful to people with low back pain, neck pain and headaches. There have been reports that children who suffer from bed-wetting and colic to name a few, have had some benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Manual muscle techniques are also used to relax specific tender points in muscles, called trigger points. Muscle strapping or taping is used to aid in rehabilitating muscles and joints.

Other physical therapies such as ultrasound and electrotherapy are used to relieve pain and speed up recovery, especially in injured tissues, e.g. whiplash, tennis elbow, ankle, knee and other sport injuries. Arthritic and post-operative pain can also be greatly relieved by these treatments.

In most cases exercise and rehabilitation play an important role, which your chiropractor also will focus on in each session. Chiropractors strive to make small adjustments to the everyday risk factors, like work and sleeping posture, exercise and supplementation.

A chiropractor will select treatment techniques to suit specific patients to have the maximum impact in each treatment. These can range from chiropractic adjustments, muscle release techniques, electrotherapy, strapping, as well as educating patients about rehabilitation and preventing further episodes.

Dr Jason Gaymans is a registered Chiropractor, practicing at The White Lotus, Gardens, Cape Town.

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