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We are happy to welcome back brilliant Naturopath, Dr Chase Webber to The White Lotus in Cape Town!


The NATUROPATH is a primary care practitioner using the art and science of natural medicine. An art since each one of us is an individual and needs to be assessed then treated with an individualised program; but also a science as the tools and methods used are grounded in modern medical understanding of the body, mind, nutrition, fitness and natural medicines.

The key principles of Naturopathy/Natural Medicine are:

First do no harm – use safe and effective medicines that do not cause side-effects

Treat the Cause – find the problem rather than just the symptom

Treat the whole person – the mind, body & all organs are connected, treat holistically

Utilise the healing power of Nature – Air, water, food, movement, mind & rest

Preventative Medicine – improve wellness and health to prevent disease


Our Naturopath incorporates these principles and combines the following in his consultations:

Wellness assessment & Natural Medicine for prevention and treatment of common illnesses.

Nutritional Medicine to reset the body’s metabolism back to its evolutionary foundation.

Neuromuscular Bodywork to rebalance and rejuvenate the physical structure.

MindBody Medicine for unification of mind, emotions and body.

Improve your health, wellness or seek treatment of any condition with this integrative and combined approach of natural medicine.


To book your appointment, please contact us via email or phone at The White Lotus Centre in Kloof street, Cape Town.

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