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Foundation – A Pilates class for newcomers, it will familiarise you through the basics. This is a class for you if you have never done Pilates before and you have only had your ‘initial assessment session’.

Level 1 – Beginner Pilates class. Join this class, once you’ve mastered the foundation (basics) of Pilates.

Level 2 – Intermediate Pilates class. Join this class once you feel comfortable with all principles and accessories, and can enjoy being challenged whilst still connected to the basic principles.

Level 1 & 2 – This combination Pilates class welcomes both Level 1 and 2 participants. Variations for certain exercises are highlighted for the different levels.

Level 3 – Advanced Pilates class. Join this class once you are able to follow a faster class flow with more integrated and complex movements.

Athletic – Pilates with a high intensity of sequenced movements. Taking on more challenge. This class will definitely raise your heart rate. Appropriate for bodies that have perfected Level 1.  Speak to Jeanne or your instructor about this class.

Restorative – Release and invigorate. A great class after a day at your desk. While mobilising your joints and releasing tension, we flow into some stronger positions and end with beautiful deep stretches. Anyone can participate in this class.



Nia is a fusion of martial arts, dance and the healing arts. Bringing these different modalities together creates a cardio vascular workout where you can experience mindful movement dynamically. It’s a fun and heart-full session, great for stress relief and boosting your creativity. Anybody can participate in this class.