ANDREA SMOLLAN is a Clinical Psychologist. She holds a degree in both Applied Psychology, specializing in trauma counseling; as well as a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology (cum laude). She has worked in multiple settings including support centers, government psychiatric hospitals, gated psychiatric living facilities, schools, community centers and in private practice, across South Africa and in Shanghai (China).

She has a special interest in working with adolescents and adults in individual therapy. Andrea uses a psychodynamic approach to therapy, but also draws from various other psychological techniques to best suit her client’s needs. She believes that the development of an authentic and collaborative therapeutic relationship is a vehicle to promote positive change and psychological wellbeing.

Psychodynamic therapy is an insight oriented, longer-term therapy, which focuses on the interplay between the conscious and unconscious processes that influence our way of thinking and behaving. It explores patterns of relating and how these may be embedded in our early beginnings. This means that therapy tries to identify the makings of our internal world, and how it is contributing to present difficulties, thoughts and feelings. The aim of therapy is to bring self-awareness to the feelings and behaviours that impact our general wellbeing, and actively work towards understanding, growth and healing.

Whether one is seeking therapy for self-exploration or because of a specific difficulty or symptom, therapy aims to provide a collaborative, safe space to process, explore and work through this area of one’s life. Andrea has experience in working with a broad range of daily difficulties as well as more serious mental health concerns.

For more information on Andrea’s approach to therapy or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Andrea Smollan, you can contact her directly on: or  0769462033

HPCSA Reg: PS0109886

Practice Number: 0722200