Physiotherapy restores movement and function for those affected by injury, pain or disability. By focusing on the muscular, neural, and skeletal systems, your Physiotherapist can treat various types of pain and movement disorders.

A detailed assessment and comprehensive treatment plan is important to ensure that the therapeutic goals are met. Treatment techniques may include manual therapy, strapping, electrotherapy, tailored exercise programs and client education.

A good Physiotherapist will always encourage you to take charge of your own health. This is done by teaching techniques for recovery, pain relief and injury prevention.

Physiotherapists are first-line practitioners, so you do not need a referral to make an appointment. Where needed, Physiotherapists do work closely with other health professionals, to allow for a holistic approach to treatment.

What can you expect from a Physiotherapy session?

Each physiotherapy session will be unique and individualised, catering to your specific needs and concerns.

Your first session will begin with the taking of your medical history, followed by an assessment and diagnoses. Keeping your main concerns in mind, your Physiotherapist will design a functional and individualised treatment plan.

To boost recovery, you will receive an individualised exercise and home program. This will be reassessed regularly to ensure it is in line with your goals and recovery.

Lastly, your practitioner will recommend a series of follow-up sessions. This will allow for continuity in treatment and to improve chances of full recovery.

What are some of the conditions / areas treated?

Musculoskeletal: Muscle or joint pain in the neck, lower or upper back or any other joint, post-operative conditions

Paediatric: childhood development, disability

Neurological: conditions resulting in loss of movement due to trauma or disease

Lymphatic Drainage

Postural Correction

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